Tanners' Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

The Tanner Brothers also offer a wide range of consultancy services across the restaurant/ hospitality industry.

Start-ups and openings

From establishing your business, right through to launch, the Tanner Brothers can help with all aspects of the process – including menu creation and image definition, commercial kitchen remodelling and design and overseeing initial food production. They can also offer up their expertise in the areas of training and costings and control - helping to ensure that the set up and opening of your business runs without a hitch.

Product development – launches/endorsements

The Tanner Brothers know what it takes to develop an exciting product, and can help with all aspects of the process – from developing a recipe to ensuring it is suitable to scale up in order to meet customer demand. Always ahead of consumer taste trends, they know just how to go about responding to the findings of sensory and taste panels, and are accustomed to working with food technicians to develop a product that is destined for success.

Staff motivational workshops

Deflated, frustrated staff are unable to deliver their full potential, and keeping them motivated is crucial to the success of your business. Offering specially designed motivational staff workshops that are tailored to your specific objectives, the Tanner Brothers can help to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your workforce.

Kitchen Design/Premises layouts

Working hand-in-hand with new and existing kitchens to develop sustainable business plans and strategies for success, the Tanner Brothers can create a multi-point plan to direct restaurant activities and concepts including interior design, kitchen design and pass design.

Event Catering

Offering up a variety of catering choices to perfectly compliment your event, the Tanner Brothers will work closely with you to ensure that everything runs smoothly, providing a specially designed menu and beverage package to suit your needs.

Restaurant pop-ups

With experience in providing bespoke pop-up restaurants for large scale prestigious events such as Royal Ascot, the Tanner Brothers can work with you to design and launch a temporary restaurant that is right for your event.

Media and Online

Get your product or brand out to the marketplace. With a wealth of knowledge spanning over 16 years in media, the Tanner Brothers can assist in promoting your brand or chosen product via the power of media, social media and online promotion/ campaigns.

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